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Oxus Persian Wheat Ale

Oxus is named after the historic river that separates today’s Khorasani from Tajikistan. Historically, these two countries were until 1895 Khorasan or Eastern Iran. Before Alexander the Great, who crossed the Oxus on his great Asian expedition, she was often confused with the Araxes, the most important river in Armenia. Remains of a city founded by Alexander on the Oxus can still be admired in the northeast (Aï-Khanoum) of Khorasani. The beer is made with 60% unmalted Persian/Khorasani wheat.


water, unmalted Persian / Khorasani wheat, barley malt, hops and yeast (unmalted Persian / Khorasani wheat, barley malt, hops and yeast.). 33cl. 5.5% Vol. Contains / contains: gluten. Serving: 6 to 8• c